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Digital Advertising
to Monetization

Digital advertising or PPC (pay-per-click) advertising produces instant results, unlike SEO. But it has to be managed properly.

We are all about profit over revenue to boost your business’s ROI. We focus on cost per acquisition and sales volume.

Our PPC services

● A/B tests
● Ad strategy creation and implementation
● Lead follow-up
● Creative production
● Lead tracking
● Exhaustive PPC audits
● Landing page creation and continuous optimization

Make Your Website
An Exceptional Sales Rep

A website plays many roles: selling products, generating leads, driving organic traffic, answering your customers’ questions and telling the world about your business.

Your website is a key component of your digital marketing strategy. A pretty website would be useless without good CRO and SEO practice.

Our Website Services

● Performance optimization
● Lead tracking
● CRO-driven UI/UX
● Mobile and speed optimization
● Target audience persona research
● Content strategy, content creation and editing
● Branding

Stop Leaving Revenue On The Table

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SEO That Brings Results

Intelligent link profile and high-quality content to get a huge amount of organic and relevant traffic.

People trust organic search results more than they do paid ads. An effective SEO campaign produces traffic that converts.

Our SEO services

● Lead follow-up, improved sales conversion rate
● Conversion optimization
● Extensive SEO audits
● Lead tracking
● Content strategy implementation and promotion
● Link recovery
● Efficient link building

Email Marketing

30% of your revenue should come from email marketing if you run an ecommerce business.

Email drives more revenue than any other marketing channel and takes pressure off the sales team. We focus more on the recipient to grow your revenue.

Our Email Marketing Services

● Funnel/flow A/B tests
● Exhaustive funnel/flow audits
● Lead tracking
● Segmentation and optimization
● Funnel/flow automation
● Email strategy creation

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